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1 – DENİZLİ IELTS Sınavı  ( Bireysel – IELTS özel ders )
2 – DENİZLİ IELTS Sınavı ( 4 kişilik Gruplarla- IELTS özel ders )

1 ) After 1851, the Kremlin changed little until the Russian Revolution of 1917; the only new features added during this period were the Monument to Alexander II and a stone cross marking the spot where Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia…………………… Ivan Kalyayev in 1905.

A) was assassinated B) assassinated C) has been assassinated D) has assassinated E) would have been assassinated

2 ) Numerous private houses ………….. by Kazakov shaped the city before 1812.

A) to build B) having built C) building D) built E) having built

3 ) These were subsistence societies that, ………….. they did not establish prosperous settlements, did establish organized societies.

A) since B) although C) as soon as D) in case E) therefore

4 ) ……….. research is made difficult by the loss of the archives, it is known that three women who fought with the army were decorated with the order: Virginie Ghesquière, Marie-Jeanne Schelling and a nun, Sister Anne Biget.

A) By the time B) Because C) In conclusion D) In additon to E) Although

5 ) However, …………. the country’s colonial past, the predominance of French has long been politically problematic.

A) in case of B) regardless of C) behalf of D) because of E) in spite of

DENİZLİ Ielts Sınavı Örneği 

6 ) Most urban Algerians have some working knowledge of French, and a high …………..unknown percentage speak it fluently about 80 percent.

A) yet B) moreover C) since D) whether E) though

7 ) …………….. French rule ended, South Vietnam continued to use French in administration, education and trade.

A) Even though B) After C) Once D) Unless E) If only

8 ) …………. the exact mechanisms causing the North Atlantic Oscillation remain unclear, it is thought the climate conditions established in western Europe mediate the heat and precipitation fluxes reaching Central Europe and Eurasia, regulating the formation of winter cyclones, which are largely responsible for regional precipitation inputs and influence Mediterranean Sea Surface Temperatures.

A) As a result B) What is more C) While D) Whenever E) As though 9 )………….. the Fall of Saigon and the opening of a unified Vietnam’s economy, French has gradually been effectively displaced as the main foreign language of choice by English.

A) B) Since C) D) E)

10 ) In contrast to the situation in Lebanon, the French language is less used, …………. it is still spoken to some degree by educated groups, both in the élite and in the middle-class.

A) but B) so C) furthermore D) as well as E) when

CORRECT ANSWERS (Doğru Yanıtlar)

1 ) A 2 ) D 3 ) B 4 ) E 5 ) D 6 ) E 7 ) B 8 ) C 9 ) B 10 ) A


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