Ielts Deneme Sınavı

Ielts Deneme Sınavı

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1 – Ielts Deneme Sınavı  ( Birebir Özel Ielts Dersi )
2 – Ielts Deneme Sınavı ( 4 Kişiden Oluşan Gruplarla Ielts Dersi )

1 – Ielts Deneme Sınavı ( Birebir Özel Ielts Dersi ): Ielts Deneme Sınavı konusunda  Ielts Deneme Sınavı yapılan merkezdeki  Ielts Deneme Sınavı platformlarında uygulanan ve Ielts Deneme Sınavının yapıldığı sınıflarda IELTS dersi etkinlikleri kapsamında, en çağdaş IELTS öğretim yöntemlerini, en son IELTS öğretim sistemlerini, en etkili temel bilgileri, IELTS için gerekli olan IELTS sorularının çözüm teknikleri de dahil olmak üzere en son bilgileri, akademik kelimeleri arttırma ve geliştirme yöntemlerini de içeriğinde barındıran ve uzman eğitmenler aracılığı ile uygulanan özel IELTS Deneme Sınavı ders programlarının eşliğinde birebir özel IELTS  dersi alarak bu uluslararası sınavda başarılı olabilir ve amacınıza ulaşabilirsiniz.

2 – Ielts Deneme Sınavı  ( 4 Kişiden Oluşan Gruplarla Ielts Dersi ): Ielts Deneme Sınavı dalında  Ielts Deneme Sınavının  tertiplendiği  birimlerimizdeki  Ielts Deneme Sınavı için özel hazırlanmış kampüslerde, ve Ielts Deneme Sınavının tüm inceliklerini öğretecek biçimde, IELTS dersi kategorisine dahil olan ve içeriğinde yer alan IELTS ders programlarında,öğrencinin IELTS sınavında başarılı olmasını kendisine ilke edinerek, toplu ders olmasına rağmen birebir özel IELTS dersi gibi işlenen, öğrencilere IELTS sınavında her modülde yer  alan IELTS sorularının çözüm tekniklerini bir bir öğreten,  öğrencilerin mevcut kelime haznelerini daha da genişleten ve geliştiren, tüm bu taşıdığı özellikleri ile IELTS öncesi öğrenciyi rahatlatan, moral veren  programların desteğinde kurulan 4 kişiden oluşmuş küçük gruplarda yer alarak IELTS sınavında başarılı olabilir ve yüksek bir skor elde edebilirsiniz.

IELTS Deneme Sınavı

 Ielts Deneme Sınavı

Lady in Red

Read the story

I’m from China and my name is Su. The problem I will tell you about began one day when I was sitting with friends at lunchtime talking and laughing. My friend Jan told the rest of us that we were invited to her sister’s wedding. I was very excited because I had never been to an American wedding. Her sister’s wedding was going to be held the following week.When the school was over, I rushed home so excited that I forgot to take my algebra book. I was thinking of what to wear to the wedding. I thought of wearing black and white but then decided that would not be appropriate for a wedding. Well, I sat in my room thinking for hours and still I couldn’t come up with anything. Then, looking around my room, I noticed something red and thought, why not wear all red to the wedding? I asked my mother her opinion and she told me that red would be a good color, that in China the color red was for good luck. The next day she went shopping with me. We couldn’t find anything for several hours. Finally, I found a red suit that I thought was fabulous. It was made out of silk; the pants were very baggy, and the blouse was like a jacket with see-through sleeves. Next, I went to buy a pair of shoes. I bought a white pair with cute red bows on the front. The day of the wedding my friends picked me up so that we could go together Jan’s house. I was the only one who was wearing red. When we got to Jan’s house, she greeted us and gave me this funny look, which I didn’t like. She seemed mad, but I didn’t know why. When she introduced us to her family, her family also gave me this funny look I didn’t like. After that, Jan and her family never spoke to me once the whole day. I wanted to cry because everyone kept looking at me like I had done something wrong. Finally, the wedding was over. I got home and told my mom what happened. The next day, Jan called me and said we couldn’t be friends anymore. but she didn’t give me a reason. Later on, one of my friends told me that in Jan’s religion the color red represents the devil.To Jan and her family my red dress was disrespectful and a sign of bad luck. They thought that by wearing red I was putting the wedding couple in danger. My friend also told met hat at most American weddings the red suit wouldn’t have been a problem at all. I found all this confusing, but at least I finally understood what had happened. In conclusion, I think that people should not stop being friends or get angry at other people if they do something wrong just because of a cultural misunderstanding. I think people should talk things over before ending their friendship.

Ielts Deneme Sınavı


A. Tell whether these sentences are true or false.

1. Su’s friend Jan was getting married.
2. Su had been to other American weddings.
3. Su did not think she should wear black and white to a wedding.
4. Su’s mother did not think she should wear red.
5. Su spent a lot of time shopping for her outfit.
6. Jan was happy to see Su when she arrived at the wedding.
7. Because of their religious beliefs, the family of the bride was offended
by Su’s clothes.
8. After the wedding Jan explained to Su why they could not be friends

B. Answer these questions.

1. Why did Su forget to bring her algebra book home ?
2. What did Su’s mother say about wearing red ?
3. What did Su buy to wear to the wedding ?
4. How did Jan and her family respond to Su at the wedding ?
5. Why was the family offended ?

Ielts Deneme Sınavı