IELTS Özel Ders," Expressions with ‘do’ and ‘make’ " İle İlgili İfadeler ve Kullanımı....

Ielts Özel Ders, Expressions with ‘do’ and ‘make’

IELTS ÖZEL DERS, with ‘do’ and ‘make’

IELTS Özel Ders,” Expressions with ‘do’ and ‘make’ ” İle İlgili İfadeler ve Kullanımı

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Expressions with ‘do’ and ‘make’, IELTS Özel Ders

There are a lot of expressions formed with do and make but there is not a strict rule about the use of them. Do generally expresses perform of a particular activity or job such as. Do your homework on time. My mother usually does the shopping in our family. Make often ‘create’ or ‘produce’ such as Make a cake.

Ielts Özel Ders, Expressions with ‘do’ and ‘make’

1  to do a job / duty / task,etc  to perform a job / duty /task,etc
When do you do your homework?
That nırse does her job very well.

to do an activity  to be busy with:
My mother is doing the ironing.

to do your hair  to comb, adjust or shape the hair or have it done by a hairdresser:
Your hair is undity, you should have it done.
Who did your hair today?

to do somebody good  to make somebody feel better:
Drink more milk, I’m sure it will do your stomach good.

to do evil  to harm:
Drinking alcohol means to do evil to oneself.

to do somebody a favour  to help, to do good:
Do me a favaour and hold this form e, please.
Stop smoking today and do yourself favour.

to do wrong  to behave in a wrong way or carelessly:
You did wrong by believing a man you didnt know well.

to do a lesson, subject  to study a subject:
They are doing an English lesson now.

to do a problem  to solve a problem:
The students did several problems during the lesson.

Ielts Özel Ders, Expressions with ‘do’ and ‘make’


Expressions with ‘do’ and ‘ Make ,IELTS Özel Ders

Expressions with ‘do’ and ‘make’10  to do business with  to work together as partners:

Some firms are doing business with Japanese companies.

11  to do exercises  to move the body in some way for some reason:
The boxer is doing breathing exercises.

12  to do gymnastics  to do physical exercises:
She always does gymnastics one hour every morning to keep fit.

13  to do well (business,job,lesson,etc)  to go on, proceed:

Is your sister doing well in her new job at the bank?

14  to do time  to spend time in prison:
James has done some time in prison.

15  to do service  to serve:
They do traditional dishes in this restaurant.

16  to do a person  to imitate a person or his behaviour:
Levent Kırca is a very good at doing politicians.

17  to do over  to beat, hit (in spoken English):
The boy was done over by the bullies.

18  to do a distance  to travel in a vehicle:
I have done 10,000km with my new car up to now.

19  to do a place  to visit:
When are you going to do the museum?

20  to do (something)  to happen (in spoken English):
What is being done over there?

21  to do harm / damage  to harm, to damage:
The flood did a lot of damage / harm to the crops.

22  to do  be enough or suitable:
I am not very hungry, a sandwich will do.

23  to do the accounts  to balance the books, to do the financial side of the business:
The book-keeper does the accounts, not the manager.

24  to do an experiment  to try to prove the truth of an idea.
My mother is always doing experiments in the kitchen with her new recipes.

NOTE:  We can use do before a verb to emphasise the expression:
I did do my homework by myself. (emphatic)

 Expressions with ‘do’ and ‘make’

Ielts Özel Ders, Expressions with ‘do’ and ‘make’ 

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