Ielts Sınav Denemesi



1 –  IELTS özel ders ( Bireysel – IELTS özel ders )
2 –  IELTS özel ders ( 4 kişilik Gruplarla- IELTS özel ders )

1 ) According to the Jesuit and traveler Jeronimo Lobo, who sailed the Red Sea in 1625, Mocha was “formerly of limited reputation and trade” but since “the Turkish assumption of power throughout Arabia, it has become the major city of the territory under Turkish domination, ………… it is not the Pasha’s place of residence, which is two days’ journey inland in the city of Sana’a.”

A) besides
B) once
C) even though
D) if
E) since

2 ) In 1762 Spain invaded Portuguese territory as part of the Seven Years’ War, but by 1763 the status quo between Spain and Portugal …………. the war had been restored.

A) Even if
B) Even though
C) As well as
D) In case
E) before

3 ) Jeff Probst admitted that this was a bit much, and forSurvivor: South Pacific  the rules were changed so only the winner remained in the game, ………… all others were eliminated.

A) while
B) for
C) since
D) as
E) that

4 ) In the Black Sea, the main period of coccolithophore growth occurs ………….. the bulk of the dinoflagellate growth has taken place.

A) Because
B) after
C) by the time
D) even though
E) ıf only

5 ) Overall, coccolithophore diversity is low in the Black Sea, and …………… recent sediments are dominated byE. huxleyiBraarudosphaera bigelowii, Holocene sediments have also been shown to contain Helicopondosphaera and Discolithina species.

A) providing that
B) when
C) although
D) whatever
E) since


6 ) In Belgium, French is the official language of Wallonia excluding a part of the East Cantons, which are German-speaking and one of the two official languages along with Dutch of the Brussels-Capital Region, …………… it is spoken by the majority of the population, though often not as their primary language.

A) which
B) of which
C) whereby
D) where
E) that

7 ) In total, native French speakers make up about 40% of the country’s population, ……………the remaining 60% speak Dutch as a first language.

A) so
B) furthermore
C) since
D) as much as
E) while

8 ) Luxembourg’s education system is trilingual: the first cycle of basic school is in Luxembourgish, …………… changing officially to German for most branches; while in secondary school, the language of instruction changes to French for some more branches like mathematics.

A) yet
B) before
C) moreover
D) in case
E) as long as

9) The word is most commonly used in medical and philosophical theories, ………….. it is used to refer to the study of why things occur, or even the reasons behind the way that things act, and is used in philosophy,physics, psychology, government, geography, spatial analysis, medicine, theology, and biology in reference to the causes of various phenomena.

A) whether
B) where
C) that
D) since
E) so

10 ) Copenhagen’s founding has traditionally been dated to Bishop Absalon’s construction of a castle on the small island of Slotsholmen in 1167 ………….Christiansborg Palace stands today.

A) where
B) what
C) whether
D) by which
E) why


CORRECT ANSWERS (Doğru Yanıtlar)

1 ) C
2 ) E
3 ) A
4 ) B
5 ) C
6 ) D
7 ) E
8 ) B
9 ) B
10 ) A



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