İNGİLİZCE SINAVI Hakkında Bilgi İngilizce Sınavı İle İlgili Alıştırmalar

İngilizce Sınavı


İngilizce Sınavı İle İlgili Alıştırmalar

1 – İngilizce Sınavı ( Birebir İngilizce Sınavı İçin Hazırlık )
2 – İngilizce Sınavı ( 4 Kişiden Oluşturulan Gruplarla İngilizce Sınavı İçin Hazırlık )

1-15. sorularda, İngilizce Sınavında cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

  1. The authorities  …… the alligator as it …… the safety of the local residents.

A)    killed / was threatening

B)     have been killing / has threatened

C)    are killing / had been threatening

D)    would kill / threatens

E)     had killed / is threatening

  1. Well, while you …… volleyball on the beach tomorrow , we …… in this noisy factory

       as usual.

A)    will be playing / sweat

B)     played / were sweating

C)    are playing / will be sweating

D)    play / have been sweating

E)     have played / are sweating

  1. The police …… the traffic until the crowd from the football stadium ……

A)    are going to redirect / had dispersed

B)     redirect / will have dispersed

C)    were redirecting / has been dispersing

D)    have redirected / had dispersed

E)     will be redirecting / dispersed

  1. Ever since man …… to think , he …… with  Nature.

A)    has started / wrestled

B)     starts / is wrestling

C)    started / has been wrestling

D)    had started / was wrestling

E)     is starting / will wrestle

  1. We …… the missing diary while we …… out the storeroom last week .

A)    were finding / had cleaned

B)     have found / have cleaned

C)    are finding / clean

D)    found / were cleaning

E)     would find / had cleaned

İngilizce Sınavına Hazırlık 

  1. I hope his injured leg …… him from attending tomorrow’s meeting.

A)    didn’t prevent

B)     won’t prevent

C)    hadn’t pevented

D)    wasn’t preventing

E)     hasn’t been preventing

  1. Their grandchildren …… the lounge all day for George and Mildred , who ……

 their fiftieth wedding anniversary today .

A)    decorate / have celebrated

B)     decorated / had been celebrating

C)    were decorating / had celebrated

D)    have been decorating / are celebrating

E)     will decorate / will have celebrated

  1. We …… more swimming costumes these days because the summer season …… near.

A)    sold / will have drawn

B)     have sold / drew

C)    will have sold / draws

D)    sell / wiil draw

E)     are selling / is drawing

  1. You …… me quite a fright when you …… up on me like that.

A)    have given / creep

B)     are giving / were creeping

C)    gave / crept

D)    give / will creep

E)     had given / have crept

  1. As you …… so many times before , I don’t suppose you …… at all nervous before or

       during next friday’s flight to Australia.

A)    have flown / will get

B)     are flying / are getting

C)    flew / have got

D)    have been flying / got

E)     had flown / get

İngilizce Seviye Sınavı

 11. George Orwell …… several books before World War II , but his greatest renown……

        after the war , with the powerful satire Animal Farm.

F)     was publishing / has come

G)    had published / came

H)    has published / would come

İ)       would be publishing / was coming

J)       has been publishing / had come

  1. I’m sure you ……Jim as he …… beyond recognition over the past few years.
  1. didn’t recognise / is changing
  2. don’t recognise / will be changing
  3. won’t recognise / has changed
  4. haven’t recognised / changes
  5. hadn’t recognised will change
  1. Her life became less hectic when she …… up full –time work , an deven quieter

      when she ….. completely.

  1. has given / retired
  2. will give / has retired
  3. gives / will retire
  4. gave / retired
  5. was giving / had retired
  1. The Girl Guide Association , which …… in existence since 1910 , …… girls of all

        ages activities  such as arts, crafts, nature walks and community service projects.

  1. is / is offering
  2. was / will offer
  3. will be / offered
  4. had been / has offered
  5. has been / offers
  1. The manager ……of dropping  Paul from the team , but after his fantastic goal

on  Saturday, I doubt that ……

  1. thought / had happened
  2. was thinking / will happen
  3. was going to think / is happenning
  4. is thinking / has happened
  5. would be thinking / happensİngilizce Sınavı

         16-20 . sorularda , cümlede boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen sözcüğü bulunuz.

  1. Travelling carnivals, popular throughout the world , were especially beloved in

     American small towns …… automobiles gave people access to other forms of


               A) just      B) before        C) already           D ) despite         E) then

  1. …… I had the chance to return to the shop , they had sold  out of the washing powder

      which was on special offer.

               A) By the time  B) Until   C) After   D) Since E) During

  1. …… I was taking  the washing out out of the machine, I realised I’d left some money

    in one of the pockets .

                A) During     B) As    C)  By the time  D) Until  E) Unless

  1. A gunshot rang out from the crowd …… the president stepped on the balcony  to greet

            his people.

                      A) by the time  B) just   C) because   D) since  E) as soon as

  1. …… you have used the photocopier , please don’t forget to turn it off .

                      A) Then    B) While  C) Already  D) After  E) Unless

İngilizce Seviye Yükseltme Sınavı

          21- 25. sorularda , verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz

  1. When one is considering how to invest money, ……

A) Sharon suddenly realises she doesn’t have that much

            B) because several people together can never agree

            C) banks have grown enormously in size in the last few decades

            D) don’t forget to keep your account number secret

            E)  it is often best to consult a financial adviser

  1. As she no longer works six days a week ,…… .

          A) Johanna has more time to pursue new hobbies

          B) Saly desparately needed extra cash , though

          C) it’s because Sunday is a religious holiday in most countries

          D) Douglas had to do before he found an assistant

          E) consequently , Kelly retired from the company

  1. Since I read a book by that author three months ago , ……

          A) the story was made into a feature film

          B) I haven’t enjoyed anything as much

          C) it is the first party of a trilogy

          D) the writer is definitely a woman of great perceptive powers

          E) I was captivated from the very first page

  1. …… , all the delicate plants in my garden have died.

          A)  Unless I learn to take batter care of them

          B)  If you hadn’t warned to move them to a warmer spot

          C)  Until I realised that they needed watering

          D)  As aresult of the sudden drop in temperature recently

          E)  When I failed to follow the instructions properly

          25) …… when you drive for long distances on a motorway.

A)    On Sundays there are lots of cars along the Bosphorus

B)     You arrived at your destination quicker than taking the back roads

C)    Make sure you take occasional rest stops

D)    Some people drive down the centre lane at very low speed

E)     A lot of young people return to university at certain times of the year

Akademik İngilizce Sınavı

         26-29. sorularda , verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.

         26. The police kept the names of the suspects secret until after they’d arrested them.

A)    Although the police suspected certain people, they did not mention any names.

B)     The suspects didn’t want their names broadcast until after they were in custody.

C)    The names of the suspects were ot released by the police before their arrest.

D)    The police didn’t know the names of the suspects before their arrest .

E)     Only after the suspects had been arrested did the secret become known to everybody.

          27. Your salaries are going to be paid before the weekend.

A)    It doesn’t seem possible for us to pay your salaries before the weekend.

B)     We can only pay your salaries at the end of the week.

C)    You should receive your wages sometime this week.

D)    We’re definitely paying your salaries at the weekend.

E)     You’ll have received your wages by the weekend.

  1. Two people in the row behind us were talking continuously throughout the

       entire  film.

A)    We didn’t enjoy the film because two people were talking behind us.

B)     We didn’t start to enjoy the film until the two people behind us stopped talking.

C)    During the most thrilling parts of the film , a couple were chatting behind us , which was very irritating.

D)    During the whole film, two people sitting behind us didn’t stop talking.

E)     The noise of people talking competely spoilt the film for us.

  1. We are currently out of stock of the knitting needles you need fort his pattern.

A)    We don’t sell the size of knitting needles that you need to knit this pullover.

B)     You won’t be able to start knitting this pattern until this shop gets the needles required fort his pattern.

C)    At the moment, we don’t have in stock the needles which you require to knit this pattern.

D)    I’m afraid , we have never stocked the size of knitting needle required for this pattern.

E)     If you don’t need the knitting needles urgently, we can order the size you require for this pattern

Genel İngilizce Sınavı

          30-32. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.

  1. In recent years , our athletes have obtained quite good results in international


A)    Sporcularımız,ancak son yıllarda uluslararası yarışmalarda iyi sonuçlar almaya başlamışlardır.

B)     Son yıllarda sporcularımız, uluslar arası karşılaşmalarda oldukça iyi sonuçlar elde etmişlerdir.

C)    Uluslararası karşılaşmaların son birkaç yılı değerlendirildiğinde, sporcularımızın durumu oldukça iyidir.

D)    Sporcularımız son yıllarda , uluslararası alanda, çok iyi karşılaşmalara katılmışlardır.

E)     Son yıllarda sporcularımızın, uluslararası yarışmalarda oldukça iyi sonuçlar aldığı gözlenmektedir.

  1. During the economic crisis of 1893 , the American novelist Jack London joined a

                  march of workers and thus spent a month in jail.

A)    1893 ekonomik bunalımı sırasında bir işçi yürüyüşüne katılan ve bu yüzden ceza

      alan  Jack London , Amerikalı bir yazardır.

B)     1893 ekonomik bunalımı sırasında, Amerikalı yazar Jack London bir işçi yürüyüşüne katılmış ve bu yüzden bir ay hapiste kalmıştır.

C)    Amerikalı yazar Jack London’ın 1893 ekonomik bunalımı sırasında bir ay hapiste kalmasının nedeni bir işçi yürüyüşüne katılmış olmasıdır.

D)    Amerikalı yazar Jack London , 1893 ekonomik bunalımı sırasında katıldığı bir işçi

yürüyüşü nedeniyle bir ay hapis yatmıştır.

E)     1893 ekonomik bunalımını protesto etmek için yapılan bir işçi yürüyüşüne katılan

       Amerikalı yazar Jack London , bir ay hapis cezası almıştır.

  1. We’we been debating for an hour , but we haven’t passed the first item on the

       agenda yet.

A)    Toplantıya başlayalı bir saat bile olmadı ama gündemdeki bütün maddeleri tartıştık.

B)     Bir saattir hala birinci maddeyi tartışıyorsak, gündemin diğer maddelerine geçemeyeceğiz demektir.

C)    Bir saat tartışsak bile gündemin birinci maddesini yine de geçemeyiz.

D)    Tartışmalı bir konu olduğu için bir saatte ancak gündemin birinci maddesini geçebiliriz.

E)     Bir saattir tartışıyoruz ama daha gündemin birinci maddesini bile geçemedik.

YDS İngilizce Sınavı

          33-35. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

  1. Zararlı böcekler her yıl tüm dünyada milyarlarca dolar değerinde hasara neden


A)    Billions of dollars is spent every year attempting to eradicate harmful insects.

B)     Every year, harmful insects cost billions of dollars worldwide to destroy.

C)    On a worldwide scale, the damage done by harmful insects amounts to billions of dollars every year.

D)    The damage done by harmful insects every year is worth billions of dollars worldwide.

E)     Harmful insects cause billions of dollars’ worth damage worlwide every year.

  1. Sanırım, Paris’ten döndüğünde Fransızcan epeyce ilerlemiş olacak.

A)    I believe you will be able to improve your French during your stay in Paris.

B)     I suppose you should g oto Paris for a while so that you can improve your French.

C)    I suppose you will improve your French , as you’re going to stay in Paris for a quite long time.

D)    I think your French will have improved a great deal by the time you get back from Paris.

E)     I think you should stay in Paris for a while if you wish to improve your French.

  1. Eski zamanlardn beri şatafatlı mobilyanın esas işlevi , konukları evsahibinin zevki

       ve zenginliği ile etkilemek olmuştur.

A)    Since ancient times , the primary function of ostentatious furniture has been

       to impress the guests with the host’s taste and wealth.

B)     Ostentatious furniture has been bought since ancient times by people who

wish to impress their guests with their taste and wealth.

C)    In order to impress their guests with their taste and wealth , people used to

buy ostentatious furniture in ancient times .

D)    Since ancient times , ostentatious furniture has been used primarily to show

off in front of wealthy guests.

E)     Since ancient times, ostentatious furniture has been one of the ways people

       have impressed guests with their taste and wealth.



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