Noun Clauses İsim Cümleleri Hakkında Bilgi....

Noun Clauses ( İSİM CÜMLELERİ )


Noun Clauses İsim Cümleleri Hakkında Bilgi

1 –  IELTS özel ders ( Bireysel – IELTS özel ders )
2 –  IELTS özel ders ( 4 kişilik Gruplarla- IELTS özel ders )


Noun Clauses ( İSİM CÜMLELERİNDE ) 1-20. sorularda , cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.


1. The scientists had to conduct several tests before they were sure ……the strange object was made of.


A)    why

B)     what

C)    who

D)    where

E)     which


2. Can you make out to …… this letter is addressed?


A) what

B) how

C) when

D) why

E) whom


3. ……. made  the staff very annoyed was the manager’s insistence that they should work late.


A)    What

B)     That

C)    When

D)    Which

E)     Why


4. Banks take great care in deciding …… to lend their money to.


A)    how

B)     which

C)    whom

D)    whose

E)     when


5. No one understood …… the magician could service such a seemingly fatal trick.


A)    when

B)     why

C)    where

D)    which

E)     how


6. I can be there ……it’s convenient for you.


A)    whatever

B)     whichever

C)    however

D)    whenever

E)     whomever



7. I can’t imagine ……he left those books. They’re certainly not in this room.


A)    what

B)     where

C)    when

D)    why

E)     how


8. Does anybody have any idea ……the post is likely to arrive ?


A)    when

B)     who

C)    how long

D)    what

E)     why


9. I soon became aware …… they hadn’t listened to anything I’d said.


A)    if

B)     that

C)    which

D)    who

E)     how


10. He was asked to explain ……he wanted to take the next day off work.


A)    where

B)     which

C)    whose

D)    when

E)     why

Noun Clauses ( İSİM CÜMLELERİ ) Örnek 

11. …… of you borrowed my dictionary without asking me , please return it immediately.


A)    Whenever

B)     Whoever

C)    Whichever

D)    Whatever

E)     Wherever


12. Let’s hope that …… it is that she’s swallowes doesn’t turn out to be poisonous.


A)    whichever

B)     however

C)    wherever

D)    whatever

E)     whenever


13. The tour guide took them to see ……the battle had taken place.


A)    why

B)     when

C)    whose

D)    how

E)     where


14. Have you asked them …… they have cancelled the ferries for ? If it is going to take a few days, we should look for other ways to get there.


A)    how often

B)     how far

C)    how much

D)    how long

E)     how many


15. …… our party needs is not a change in policy , but a more charismatic leader.


A)    Whose

B)     That

C)    What

D)    Whom

E)     Which


16. The area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in …. İs now Iraq is the site of ancient Mesopotamia, one of the world’s first civilisations.


A)    how

B)     what

C)    which

D)    that

E)     whose


17. Our guest speaker will explain …… the new laws mean to the avarage small business.


A)    where

B)     what

C)    why

D)    when

E)     whom


18. Working in the Customer Complaints Department, I have to be politeto the customers at all times, no matter …… rude they may be to me.


A)    what

B)     where

C)    whose

D)    how

E)     when


19. Don’t you think you should be a little authoritarian? You seem to allow your children to do …… they want.


A)    whatever

B)     whenever

C)    how else

D)    whether

E)     no matter


20. After she’d lost 20 kilos ,……. She met told her that she looked beter beforehand.


A)    however

B)     whichever

C)    whoever

D)    whenever

E)     whatever

Noun Clauses ( İSİM CÜMLELERİ ) Alıştırmalar 


21-25. sorularda , verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.


21. ……. where the new stadium is


A)    This is not a good description

B)     As far as I know, it’s just past the zoo

C)    The council have finally chosen the site

D)    I can’t believe that you lost directions

E)     Let’s ask the man over there


22. …… how long it would take to get to Konya.


A)    I asked at the information desk

B)     If we hurry, we can get the next bus

C)    We’ll know, once we have been there

D)    All the buses were full because of the holiday.

E)      It was cheaper than I thought


23. I’m surprised no one told you …… .


A)    where do you have to go

B)     that today’s class had been cancelled

C)    but there is a protes meeting tomorrow

D)    why didn’t they come to class

E)     as long as you did not ask anyone



24. The minute I walked into the room , I could sense…… .


A)    that they’d been gosipping about me

B)     the fact that there’s been an argument

C)    why did they all look so guilty

D)    whom was she expecting to come in

E)     whether I am genuinely welcome


25. …… , just tell them that I’m not in the office.


A)    As the phones aren’t working now

B)     Even though I won’t be in the Office

C)    Although I’ll be out until Tuesday

D)    I’ll be answering the phones all day

E)     Whoever calls today talk to me


Noun Clauses ( İSİM CÜMLELERİ )  Açıklamaları

26-29. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.


26. Some people view change as an opportunity, while others see it as a threat.


A)    Change does not always bring opportunity ; it sometimes brings threats.

B)     Change can be viewed as either an opportunity or a threat.

C)    Sometimes change brings opportunities, while at other times it is a sign of coming disaster.

D)    Although some feel change is threatening , others see it as a time of opportunities.

E)     How you see change reveals whether you are pessimistic or optimistic.


27. His enthusiasm for his new career seems limitless.


A)    He is limited by the regulations about which career he can choose.

B)     He could only  bring a limited amount of determination to his new position .

C)    The eagerness he has brought to his new job is apparently boundless.

D)    Though he is unhappy about changing careers, he is attempting to maket he best of it.

E)     He has a great deal of empathy with others in his profession.


28. Anyone interested in music can take part in the school chorus if they have a good voice.


A)    If someone with a good voice has an interest in music, you should urge him to join the

school chorus.

B)     Those who have good voices should be encouraged to take part in the school chorus.

C)    Seeing that the students have really good voices , the music teacher encourages them to participate in the school chorus.

D)    Nobody was interested in taking part in the school chorus although they had good voices.

E)     Whoever is interested in music can paticipate in the school chores provided their voices are good.


29. As you don’t know how to fix your computer , why don’t you ask Ben to help you ?


A)    You should ask Ben to help you in case you can’t repair your computer.

B)     Try asking Ben for help , because you can’t repair your computer yourself

C)    I wonder why you didn’t ask Ben to help you when you couldn’t fix your computer.

D)    Why are you repairing your computer on your own when you can ask Ben to give you a hand?

E)     I don’t see why you are hesitant to ask Ben to fix your computer.

Noun Clauses ( İSİM CÜMLELERİ ) Nedir


30-32. sorularda , verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe kelimeyi bulunuz.


30. I really wonder what has been decisive in her being employed.


A)    Onun işe alınmasında neyin belirleyici olduğunu çok merak ediyorum.

B)     Acaba neden onu işe almaya karar verdiler?

C)    Onun işe alınması kararını kimin verdiğini öğrenmek istiyorum.

D)    Neye dayanarak onu işe aldığımı merak ediyorlar.

E)     Onun işe alınmasını sağlayan şeyin ne olduğu bir merak kousu.


31. What keeps his art always alive is the spirit of the bold , mischievous child inside him.


A)    İçindeki yaramaz çocuğun cesareti onun sanatını her zaman canlı tutmuştur.

B)     Onun sanatını her zaman canlı tutan , içindeki cesur yaramaz çocuk ruhudur.

C)   Onun sanatını her zaman canlı tutan cesaret, içindeki çocuk ruhundan kaynaklanmıştır.

D)    Sanatındaki canlılığın ve cesaretin nedeni içindeki çocuk ruhudur.

E)     Cesaretinin nedeni olan içindeki yaramaz çocuk onun sanatını hep canlı tutmuştur.



32. The decision to build a skyscraper where the park is has angered the residents of the neighbourhood.


A)    Parkın yanındaki yere gökdelen yapılması kararına çevre sakinleri tepki gösterdi.

B)     Park yapmak yerine gökdelen yapımına karar verilmesi çevre sakinlerini çok öfkelendirdi.

C)    Çevre sakinleri , parkın yerine yapılması planlanan gökdeleni yaptırmamakta kararlı.

D)    Parkın bulunduğu  yere bir  gökdelen inşa etme kararı çevre skinlerini kızdırdı.

E)     Çevre sakinleri, gökdelen yerine park yapılması için hararetli bir şekilde mücadele ediyorlar.


Noun Clauses ( İSİM CÜMLELERİ ) Yapısı


33-35. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.


33. Toplantının ne zaman ve nerde yapılacağını öğrenmemi istediler.


A)    They wanted me  to learn when and where they were going to hold the meeting.

B)     They wanted me to learn if I knew when and where the meeting was to be held.

C)    I asked them when and where they’d held the meeting.

D)    I was asked to find out when and where the meeting had been held.

E)     They asked met o find out when and where the meeting would be held.


34. Pek çok insan İngiltere’nin demokrasi ile kraliçenin varlığını nasıl bağdaştırabildiğini

merak etmektedir.


A)    There are many people in England who don’t approve of the Queen’s existence despite

the democracy.

B)     It is a wonder for many people why Britain doen’t cease having a Queen vecause of its

being a democracy.

C)    Many people wonder how britain can combine veing a democracy with having a Queen.

D)    It’s really surprising that England stil has a Queen in spite of being a democracy.

E)     Many people can’t understand how it has been possible in England to have a Queen and democracy simultaneously.


35. Turistler sarayın bazı bölümlerini neden göremedikleri konusunda rehberden bir açıklama istediler.


A)    The tourists demanded an explanation from the guide about why they were unable to see certain sections of the palace.

B)     The tourists were given an explanation from the guide about why they were unable to see certain areas of the palace.

C)    The tourists were not allowed to view certain areas of the palace and they asked the guide to explain the reasons for this.

D)    The guide informed the tourists that they were not allowed to view some sections of the palace, but he gave an inadequate explanation for this.


E ) The guide demanded an explanation as to why the tourists had only been permitted to see certain sections of the palace .


 Noun Clauses




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