Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu

Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu Programı

Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu Program İçeriği


1 – Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu ( Bireysel – Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu)
2 – Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu ( 4 kişilik Gruplarla – Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu)

1 – Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu ( Bireysel – Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu) : Bu tür  Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu programlarına katılan adaylar,bireysel  Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu  aldıklarından dolayı,derslerin yapıldığı gün ve saatleri kendi istedikleri gibi,kendi yaşam tarzlarına uygun olarak Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursunda seçme önceliğine sahiptir. Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu birimlerinde  Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu programlarına katılan adaylara,bireysel  Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursunda Verilmesi gerekli olan ders sayısı , adayın sınavda almak istediği puana ve İngilizce seviye sınavında elde ettiği sonuçlara bağlı olarak değişir.

2 – Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu ( 4 kişilik Gruplarla – Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu) : Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu merkezinde ki 4 kişiden oluşan,  seviyeleri bir birine denk ,homojen gruplarda  Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu programlarına katılan adaylar bireysel özel ders kalitesi ve niteliğinde Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu programlarında eğitim alırlar,çünkü Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursunda grubu oluşturan öğrenci sayısının 4 kişi gibi az bir sayıda olması ,grup derslerine katılan adaylara çok büyük avantajlar sağlar.
1 – Kalabalık gruplarla yapılan lys 5 eğitimlerinde bulamadıkları soru sorma imkanını bu gruplarda rahatlıkla elde ederler ve istedikleri gibi soru sorabilirler.
2 – Grup sayısı az olduğundan lys 5 hocaları gruptaki öğrencilerle Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursunda teker teker ilgilenebilirler.Bu şekilde grup eğitimi bireysel özel   Lys 5 Sınavı Hazırlık Kursu  niteliği kazanır.

LYS 5 DENEME SINAVI ( örnek sınav)

1 –  America ………….. by the fire of extremism in its own backyard when it ………………. by Islamic extremists.

A) is burning /  has been attacked
B) has been burnt / is attacked
C) was burnt / was attacked
D) is burnt / will be attacked
E) had been burnt / was being attacked

.2 –  In South Africa more than a million public sector workers went on strike indefinitely ……………. rejecting the government’s offer of a 7% pay rise.

A) before
B) while
C) whereas
D) after
E) if

3 –  If such a tax …………. to be introduced, it…………. be extremely onerous to make even a dent in what has been estimated as the $1 trillion cost of improving the North’s infrastructure and living conditions to anything like the standards set by South Korea.

A) were / would have to
B) had been / would have to
C) were /  had to
D) are / has to
E) were / would have had to

4 –  Unemployment in Germany is now lower than it was …………… the crisis began.

A) because

B) as
C) when
D) although
E) once

5 –  A new book that graphically documents the spectacular natural recovery of Victoria’s ash forests ……………………..the Black Saturday bushfires also argues that wildfires are typical natural disturbances in these environments.

A) although
B) though
C) after
D) before
E) providing

6 –  There are very few places in the world …………..economists and hydrologists, historians and ecologists, foresters, geographers and climatologists work together towards common objectives.
A) whose
B) which
C) that
D) where
E) whom

7 –  ………………. three years of listening to the perspectives of traditional owners along the Murray river, Weir realised that both Indigenous peoples and bureaucrats shared a common desire to preserve the environment

A) When
B) While
C) In case
D) Even if
E) After

8 –  ……………… I learnt by working with Aboriginal people along the Murray was that there are some really fundamental cognitive lapses in the way we [as Westerners] talk about environmental issues today.

A) Why
B) What
C) Whoever
D) whichever
E) how

9 –  If you ………. these things solely by press headlines, you ……………. that the pope was about to face a lynch mob of jeering Protestants and vengeful atheists

A) had judged / would assume
B) judged / would have assumed
C) judged / would assume
D) judges / will assume
E) have judged / will have assumed

10 –  In all, 53 people died, a military base ………. and the fires …….land contaminated by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

A) was destroyed / reached
B) had been destroyed / had reached
C) destroyed / had reached
D) was destroying / was reaching
E) would have destroyed / reached


1  –  C
2  –  D
3  –  A
4  –  C
5  –  C
6  –  D
7  –  E
8  –  B
9  –  C
10 – A



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